The Nurgo is a portable breastfeeding pillow for mothers on the go. It is specifically designed to help a mother feed her baby anywhere, anytime. It's ergonomically compact design makes feeding your baby when traveling, a breeze.

For the most efficient portability, the Nurgo folds into it's own attached storage pouch. Compressing and expanding the Nurgo is easy. To close the Nurgo, simply fold the memory foam into its pouch, pull the drawstring tight, throw into your diaper bag, and go! To expand your pillow, simply loosen the drawstring, unfold from the bag, and the Nurgo expands itself within seconds.

The unique angled wedge design allows for an optimal feeding position which may assist babies with reflux or latching difficulty. For breastfeeding mothers, there are two built in elastic loops to allow her to easily tie on a nursing cover for private feeding. The convenient side pocket and bottle holder are useful for storing and holding items of need.

Nurgo Pillow

$49.99 Regular Price
$29.99Sale Price

  • Dimensions
    Condensed - L9.5" x W5.5" x H7"
    Expanded - L18.5" x W11" x H4"~6.5"

    Memory Foam Material

    • Non-Toxic
    • Odor Free
    • Non-Flammable (with no flame retardants)
    • Eco-Friendly
    • Antibacterial
    • Hypo-Allergenic
    • Lead and Phthalate Free
    • Inner material consisting of 100% non-toxic polyurethane foam pad

    Slipcover is machine washable 100% polyester.

    What's included:
    Condensible memory foam pad
    Condensible foam pad
    100% polyester slipcover