Nurgo Travel Nursing Pillow

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Ultra Portable Design

The Nurgo's compact design allows mothers to feed on the go whether in an airplane, train, restaurant, or simply those times when you just have to pull the car over and care for your baby. The unique carrying case is attached and allows the pillow to compress to its ultra portable size making it perfect for travel.


Multipurpose Side Pocket

The Nurgo allows a parent with the convenient ability to feed in public or even in the comfort of family and friend's homes. The Nurgo's design also allows for storage of the many needed feeding items such as a burp cloth, pacifier, breast pads, and more. 


Integrated Bottle Band

The Nurgo also features an integrated elastic side band designed to store a water bottle for keeping a breastfeeding mother hydrated or to house a baby bottle when bottle feeding by either parent. It can also serve as a convenient handle when carrying the pillow room to room.


Patent Pending Design

At Nurgo we tried to think of everything for ease, comfort, and to best accomodate mother's of all shapes and sizes. The Nurgo's unique wedge shape reminds mothers to feed on an angle and prop the baby's head up when nursing. Feeding the baby at the correct angle may help assist infants who suffer from reflux, gas, colic, or other feeding difficulties. It's symmetrical shape allows a mother to nurse on both the right and left sides when turned. The customizable design stores two memory foam pillows. The Nurgo can be flipped over to feed on the desired firmness, soft side versus firm side. The pillow height can  be adjusted from 6.5" to 5.5" by removing the smaller inner foam pillow. As an added feature, the Nurgo has 12" curved sides to sit comfortably around a mother's tender area during c-section recovery.


Nurgo Slipcover

The Nurgo slipcover is made of silky soft and plush 100% polyester fabric, giving your baby an extra comfortable place to rest while feeding. The slipcover easily zips on and off the foam pillows for machine washing convenience. 


Blanket Anchor Points

Two elastic anchor points on each side of the Nurgo allows a nursing mother to easily and securely hold or tie down a preferred blanket for coverage during a private feeding session.This comes in extra handy in public settings.


Pregnancy Pillow

The Nurgo also doubles as a very useful and comfortable pregnancy pillow for moms to be. 



Compressed Dimensions

Expanded Dimensions










We Care

Inner Memory Foam Material (Two Sided: Soft & Firm)


  • Non-Toxic 

  • Odor Free

  • Non-Flammable (with no flame retardants)

  • Eco-Friendly

  • Antibacterial

  • Hypo-Allergenic

  • Lead and Phthalate Free

  • 100% non-toxic polyurethane foam padding


Slipcover is a machine washable 100% plush polyester.

The Nurgo Pillow

Feeding your baby on the go has never been so easy