The Nurgo
Travel Nursing Pillow

A full size nursing pillow that becomes travel size
Nurgo Travel Nursing Pillow




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We are happy to announce that Pale Pink has been added to your choice of color options!


A great gender neutral option!


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Fits In Your Diaper Bag
New Pale Pink!
Minky Dot Mint
Nurgo Compressed
Nurgo Plush Slip Cover
Nurgo Elastic Side Band
Nurgo Wedge Design
Nurgo Side Pocket
Nurgo Comparison
Nurgo Comparison
Nurgo Comparison
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A little bit about us

The Nurgo is a portable nursing pillow created by a mother and speech therapist that has gone through the many great experiences of nursing her children, but also through the frustrations of nursing on the go. The Nurgo pillow is built upon the foundation that nursing outside your home should be easy and enjoyable. This pillow was designed in an effort to bring mothers a more efficient and less stressful solution for breast or bottle feeding their babies anywhere, anytime. We hope the Nurgo pillow can give both new and veteran mothers alike more freedom to feed, when traveling to the many places us moms need to go. 


The Nurgo Nursing Pillow

The Nurgo Nursing Pillow

Feeding your baby on the go has never been so easy